Clean Bandit instead of London Grammar

London Grammar has already cancelled many of their summer shows and unfortunately they just called off their Sziget gig as well. However the agency of the band has quickly recommended another great band, so after their huge success at Balaton Sound, Clean Bandit, will play at Sziget.

Breaking: Passes are sold out for Sziget

As of 4th August, only day tickets are available for Sziget Festival that kicks off on 11th August. This is the first time in the festival history, that passes are no longer available in advance one week before the event. However, organizers have allocated 1000 more passes for those who are late-deciders that will be available at the entrance. 

Your map to the Island

Now you can check out the new Sziget map! Take a closer look, so you won’t get lost, find your favorite venues, and discover the new ones! All venues have a detailed description and all camping sites, showers, safe deposits, left luggages and bicycle storages are marked, so everything that is necessary and vital for a comfortable festival vacation. 

Europe comes to Sziget

The Europe Stage at the Island of Freedom is dedicated specially to the fresh and up-and-coming European bands, who truly represent the “old continent” and multiculturalism with their music. Sziget is proud to host these young titans and also the Youropen Talent Festival on Day -1 and Day 0, presenting talent contest winners from 15 countries. Europe Stage is an afternoon stage, already starting its program at noon every day.

10 reasons why Sziget is your choice

Sziget Festival opens its gates on 11 August, less than a month away! Passes are selling with record speed, but it’s still not too late to make up your mind. If you’re a late decider, here’s the almost full picture why this one could be your top choice as a festival-holiday in 2014.

Festfone: your ultimate festival tool

Here is your new best friend, the Festfone, if you want to stay connected to your friends back home and share & post everything that is happening to you while being at Sziget and a free option to stay in contact with your friends at the Island. Pick a phone, choose from a package and you are ready!

ArtZone at Sziget

Sziget ArtZone is one of the most magical places of the festival, where you can be inspired or revive your inspirations by creating a piece of Art.

Sziget tickets selling with record speed

All Siesta Camping tickets have been sold for this year’s Sziget Festival, which means that the upgraded campsites of the event are sold-out. Normal festival passes with camping possibilities are still available, but these are also selling with record speed and already passed the 80% marker. Those who are planning to visit the Island of Freedom in August, but still haven’t bought their tickets, definitely need to hurry up. 

Get a Festfone now!

Have you ever lost or damaged your smartphone during a festival? Worried that it might happen at Sziget? Have you ever had a huge phone bill because of roaming costs? If your answer is yes to any of these questions, then the Festfone is the perfect solution for you. Sziget and Meex revamped the festival telephone for this year’s Sziget! Check it out now!

New Sziget app released!

Sziget revealed the 2014 festival app that already includes the detailed daily schedule of the already announced programs. Only 52 days left till the start!